Julie Harrison

Frequently pressurised and often highly challenging for unique, intelligent individuals there is no 'one size fits all' solution to the many issues that organisational change brings.

Julie is often approached to help tackle a specific business issue or challenge. She then works with the senior executives to develop a programme tailored specifically to the needs of the organisation.

Recent change leadership programmes include:

A change leadership programme may comprise of several different elements including:

Julie's down-to-earth approach, business experience, commercially facilitative style and demonstrable success, enables her to work nationally with many corporate and professional service clients to achieve their goals.

Julie has been invaluable to my business through a period of significant change. Whether coaching individuals, leading team development days or providing a valued sounding board to me, Julie’s insight, experience and straight talking have consistently provided real value to the business. The results of her interventions are tangible, through behavioural change, increased personal awareness and better teamwork. Julie overlays energy and humour to her undoubted professional expertise which makes her a pleasure to work with.

Jo Butlin | Utilyx