Julie Harrison

Julie achieves results for organisations by first starting with the key individuals within it. She believes that individual change is the critical element in successful business change. Leaders should take responsibility for understanding their own capabilities in leading change and seek to develop thier capabilities so they lead great performance from the teams around them.

In order not only to succeed but to improve and prosper, people in challenging senior roles must first understand their talents, be great at what they are good at naturally, and then seek to learn about what they are not so capable at and develop those capabilities.

Julie Harrison

Underpinned by smart commercial thinking and twenty years' board level experience Julie aims to animate, enable and improve an individual's clarity of vision, executive maturity and leadership style.

Working on a one–to-one basis usually initially over a six month period, Julie creates a strong, honest coaching relationship and provides strategic advice, executive coaching and mentoring to senior executives so that they:

We have used Julie on various projects over a number of years and in particular for partner coaching and mentoring. As the profession becomes ever more demanding the range of skills that partners need to master, over and above being an excellent technical lawyer and work winner, is getting longer and longer. Julie's knowledge and understanding of lawyers is exceptional. She has a way of helping them to understand themselves, how they can better contribute and the impact that changes in their approach might have on them, their team and the firm. Outstanding and very highly recommended.

Stephen McNicol | Managing Partner | Muckle LLP