Julie Harrison

The Leadership Choices programme focuses on increasing self-awareness of individuals so that they have an understanding of the impact they have on those around them and what they need to do as leaders to empower their teams and develop great relationships.  

The programme provides a personal journey that is challenging and inspiring as well as being practical and action based.   It is designed to focus bright minds and abilities to their best possible effect and create a shift in mind-set around achieving great performance.

Development activities are built around four facilitated one day modules each focusing on core elements:

Each module includes self assessment tools and insight into how an individual’s personal style will impact on others and on the organisation. This is followed up with one-to-one coaching to offer fresh perspectives and to support individuals as they challenge themselves to achieve behaviour change and become better leaders.

It is anchored in the reality of a clients business - the organisational agenda that the leaders must contribute to and the personal challenges that they face within that.

It incorporates self-assessments and 180 feedback to improve self-awareness and can be tailored to include other 360 feedback and behavioural tools relevant to the organisation.

Julie Harrison has helped my firm by working with the management team on a key strategic project and doing this in such a way that it felt as though she was actually part of our team - and quite as concerned about the success of the outcomes as we were. No ‘consultancy speak’ or delivering vanilla ‘one size fits all’ solutions from Julie – she was wholly committed, intuitive, innovative and flexible throughout. She is generous with her time , happy to share her (considerable) professional services experience and expertise and (the icing on the cake!) is also fun to work with!

Head of HR | City Law Firm