Julie Harrison

Leaders should never stop learning about themselves and others. This belief lies at the heart of Julie's leadership development strategy. Leaders need to continuously seek to understand themselves better: what makes them tick, what are their natural preferences and why they behave as they do.

Together with this heightened self-awareness, leaders also have to learn how they lead and the impact they have on others; how to develop the ability to read and understand what others need from them in order to perform effectively and to develop positive, productive relationships.


Personal insight profiles can help leaders learn and grow - realising even greater capability. Qualified to British Psychological Society (BPS) Level B, ensuring effective, ethical and principled use of preferred tools, Julie frequently uses:

DISC as a development tool for HR Professionals - Two day course

A two day course for HR professionals who want to develop practical skills in the use of DISC as a tool for coaching, recruitment and team/personal development so that they are able to effectively:

Understand and interpret different profiles

Explain different profiles to individuals

Give developmental feedback using specific DISC profiles

Run a coaching session incorporating the use of the DISC profile

Understand how to run a team session incorporating the use of the DISC profiles

The format of this development will be:

Provided in two one day modules to enable the opportunity for practice/learning between modules

Practically based using live situation role plays and feedback, supported by highly relevant theoretical input on the DISC tool and coaching model/processes

Supported by recommended pre-course reading and post course articles for continued development

Assessed by written and verbal analysis of tools, observed practical sessions and verbal presentations.

It will result in a certification of attendance and competence from the trainers present, and detailed personal feedback for future development.

Lead trainer(s):

The programme will be led by Julie Harrison and supported by one of Julie’s associates if numbers require.


Day I - to provide the fundamental knowledge and experience of the DISC tool

Objectives of the programme and individual aims/context

The development of the use of Behavioural Indicator tools, and an introduction to DISC

The science and mechanics behind DISC – a users guide to validity and reliability!

Fundamental drivers and characteristics of profiles

Practical I – a review of own profile and an additional DISC

Reading and interpreting the graphs and the team wheel

4 – 6 weeks practical review and interpretation of profiles

Day II – to reinforce the fundamental knowledge of the DISC tool, and provide practical development skills to ensure practical use of the tool

Reminder of overall profiles, and a review of learning since the last session

Profiles in detail – behaviours, benefits and limitations, motivations and frustrations, effects on the business, teams and individuals

Practical II – a review of a second DISC (from the business) to produce a report on the likely behaviours etc of that individual, and the use of that report to give feedback

Introduction to using DISC as a coaching tool: reminder of GROW model, conducting a coaching session using DISC and maintaining integrity as an internal coach

Practical III – preparing and conducting an effective coaching session incorporating the use of a DISC profile

Using DISC effectively as a team development tool – understanding the Insights Wheel, team roles, link to other Team models, case studies for team development, providing team feedback

Practical IV – reviewing a team profile using the DISC and using that profile to prepare feedback on that team

Future development, ongoing use.


I've seen Julie in action in a variety of coaching and organisational development/change situations – she brings a mix of insight, intuition, leadership experience and common sense as well as some humour all underpinned by solid thought leadership in profiling, writing and lecturing. Julie works well at all levels but particularly board level and on a 1-1 or team basis. She brings long term value to assignments.

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